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XLRIT's unique offering

XLRIT's unique offering

From wish to requirements to working software – in days not months

In systems development, it is customary to talk about the WHAT and the HOW: WHAT do you want to achieve – and HOW can you make that happen.

Various methods exist to speed up the HOW, including low-code and no-code approaches. But what if you could skip it altogether? Suppose that all you need to do is clarify the WHAT: what exactly should be the outcome of your business processes?

XLRIT’s unique approach does just that. All you need to do is focus on outcomes: clarify your requirements, define the results that you want to achieve.

GEARS does the rest.

Requirements are key

GEARS is XLRIT’s Software Development Engine. Based on a sophisticated analysis of your requirements, GEARS derives the optimal processes to achieve the desired results. This approach guarantees the best possible design that meets your requirements: everything is taken into account, nothing is left out.

At the same time, a complete, fully functional software system that implements these processes is generated and deployed, ready to be used. At the push of a button.

If the derived design isn’t quite to your liking, all you need to do is adapt the requirements accordingly, and run it again. If your requirements change once you’re in production, which probably happens all the time, just describe the change and go again. No matter how many times you repeat this, you always get an optimized design guaranteed to meet all your requirements, and a functioning, fully documented system.

Requirements are key
Business and IT on a shared foundation

Business and IT on a shared foundation

Overall, this approach to software development is several times faster than even the fastest of competing approaches, including low-code and no-code. And it’s not just for small apps: it scales to complex enterprise-grade processes.

The focus on business outcomes makes the XLRIT approach uniquely future-proof. Getting your requirements in gear may be a small up-front investment to make, but once this is done any change you need to respond to, whether in your business, legal, IT, or any other context, can be handled in an instant – in many cases even directly by the application owner.

And perhaps the best part: everything GEARS produces is in industry-standard, human-readable formats. No strings attached: if you want to go back to, let’s say, conventional manual software maintenance, then that’s as easy as shaking hands and saying goodbye. There’s no “lock-in”, and your developers will be thrilled to work on the well-structured and fully documented code left behind by GEARS and XLRIT.

Reasons to get XLRIT-ed

Turn to XLRIT when you need:

A high-quality software solution with unrivaled time to market

To replace existing legacy software (or a rampant case of Excel-sheet infestation)

A bottom-up rethinking of your processes

An application you can roll out as fast as an off-the-shelf product, but which fits like it’s tailor-made

A way around your software developer shortage

A flexible system for a dynamic environment, on a budget

To meet an impossible deadline in your project – months of work left, and weeks to do it

Or maybe even all of the above!

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